classesPitta Patta Dance offers creative dance classes for children including a mixture of Contemporary, Lyrical Jazz and Street Dance.

Coaching dancers from 4 upwards, our classes provide an ideal introduction to creative movement, using a wide spectrum of music to help children develop co-ordination, rhythm and confidence on the dance floor.

Our experienced teachers encourage children to enjoy dance as a form of self-expression, whilst also learning dance technique.

So if you have a dancer at home who wants to rock out after school, contact Pitta Patta Dance today for more information and bookings.

Class Details

Day            Time                     Age                Place

Friday         4.00- 4.30pm.        4-7years.      Primrose Hill Community Centre
Friday         4:30pm-5:45pm    7-11 years     Primrose Hill Community Centre

Friday         5:45pm-7.15pm    11-16 years   Primrose Hill Community Centre

Venue address
Primrose Hill Community Centre, Hopkinson Place, off Fitzroy road, NW1 8TN


Term dates :   Summer   Term Dates  20th of April- 13th of July 2018 

Summer Camp  Workshops 23rd-27th of July 2018 10-3.30pm  2018.

Primrose Hill Fair Dance Performance   9th of June 2018.